About Him

 Enrico Portella 


Engaged ... for decades, in an artistic work tenacious and vigorous, Enrico Portella has come and the paintings testify to an artistic maturity. Poet of landscape, conceives art as a hope: his line is pure, like a man who is told with serenity, and the chromatic language clean and crystallized, where every touch is a find themselves in nature ...
(Department of Culture - Province of Cuneo)

He insisted ... painting the figurative language of color made of poetic sensations, from portraits to landscapes, the sea, always passes with renewed love, because in every manifestation of nature always sees a master (God) who managed to create unparalleled all this : his constant thought is to wonder, why does it copy everything with instinctive reflexes tending to the beautiful. He has exhibited in various cities and for some time he exhibited in France, getting more hits ... (Article)

Neapolitan Painter ...  continues to rise. E 'in search of inner gnosis, as the key to understand the universal truths. He paints mainly street corners, marine sunny and night fishermen, old farmhouses and landscapes. His works have at their base a sincere inspiration and an expressive language post-impressionist clear and balanced. It 'obvious that emotions and feelings arise from inner motivations, which the artist lives intensely and outside with great spontaneity, shapes and colors, with results suggestive of immediate and communicative ... (Gino Trabini)